How far have you travelled?

Tell me now.How far have you travelled? Have you been to the ocean? Have you seen the mountains? Have you felt the breeze fondling your skin on a long country road, while biking through a green, fresh paddy field, full of that precious spring atmosphere.

I dont think you need to. You should, but you don’t need to.

Supposed you are around my age, surely you have gone to the Mountains of Joy, the Ocean of Sadness, the Lake of Isolation. You must have seen how Tides of Memories, of Nostalgia rise and fall, frequently or scarcely. If so, in a twisted way, you have already travelled a lot. I have seen some shit too. And all are parts of a bigger picture, a collective consciousness that we call inner journey, travelling through range of emotions, feelings…

But why does all the places i have just mentioned above don’t become tourist attractions? Why aren’t we consciously setting our actions to experience more, to feel more, to see more of that inner wonders. I’m not saying that actually travelling isn’t worthwhile, it is, I’m saying we are not balancing justly yet.

May be diving in the inner journey isn’t what we are taught at schools? May be it’s a bit scarry to go to some dark places, when you are traumatized, petrified, terrified. But you can’t push it down and hope it to decompose either, face the music. Go there, travel without travelling. Develop your tenderness, sensiblity to the surrounding, increase  the awareness of your own body.

Watch some movies and cry your eyeballs out.

Read a poetry and try to feel it in your body.

Learn to understand art. That shit is really really good.

Imma end with this.

Outter journey (REAL travelling) is the stuff that you see on the screen in the movies. Inner journey is the light that determines whether the film is blurry, colourful, UHD or just 144pixel like a potatoes. You must have both for the film to be good.

Dont forget that light. It’s just as importance.

Just a pic i took, feeling the breeze internally and externally.

AT my favourite steak place. To Hieu. Alone at 12h43. I should leave now. The waiters and waitresses are looking at me strange.
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  1. Sonderwriter · November 6, 2016

    This post is really fueling that wanderlust in me. Oh so many places in the world one can travel to 🙂

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    • beingcaokhanh · November 6, 2016

      Internally and externally 🙂 One must make his own movie with travelling

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      • Sonderwriter · November 6, 2016

        Yes, definitely a way to enjoy life to the fullest


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