Hoa. 1:13 17/11/16

The title means flower in Vietnamese. In case you didn’t know, I’m a Vietnamese boy. I’m 17, senior high schooler, which mean i’m in the spring of my life.

And my life has been in blossom for quite a while. I’m loving life! A rare thing for a senior guy to state. Peers are up to their necks with work. So many complaints on workload being too stressful, so many questions unaddressed or guidance for their near future. I get it. University is scary, choosing a major that will benefit potential career is something you have to consider over and over again. Young people must think deep and hard on these matters. That’s why it’s so troublesome for the majority.

“Why are you always so happy? Don’t you have problems to worry about?”, a girl asked me today. Well, I do. But let’s really think about how important our problems are.
Major in universities. Flash news for those who don’t know yet. Universities are NOT that important. Dont get me wrong, if you want to be a doctor, a lawyer, or any profession that require surgical training and in-depth studying. Study and go to college. You have to go there, no question. But you are like me, and many others, who want to learn business, art, history, philosophy, culture,… many many more fields, universities can not a guarantee of well-paid jobs, decent life. That was true in the heyday of our grandpops, but

“time they a changin” – bob dylan.

And if come to terms with the fact that your biggest problem right now is not that big, other doors open! Universities are really good, but they are not the messiah. Duh! There are so much more awaiting out there to be explored, cultivated. Take that burden, that package of stress off your shoulder and revaluate that. Do you really need to put on so much stress? Do you really need to study that hard? If you die right now, would you wish you had studied harder? 

Nah fam. Not everyone needs to be a doctor, a lawyer, right? Chill out a little. I would not want to grab the flower of life and force it to grow the way it isn’t supposed to grow.

If you are stressed out of your mind about college and university. Don’t worry, you always have a plan B. The wold is a gigantic flower blooming like the tube of the gramophone. The Internet is insanely efficient at creating new ways of learning. You can read free books on anything you like, whenever you like, wherever you like. You can pay money and join a seminar, a workshop that brings just as much value to your understanding as a formal classroom. Information is all over the place. Are you going to embrace it as hard as you study for college?

You have the power of choice. It’s not 1945 anymore.

At my tiny cozy flat. 1:06 17/11/2016.

I should sleep now. This picture has flower. Relevant, i guess.