freaking out.

I’m totally freaking out right now. My heart is reacing because I’m just a few miles away from seeing Frank Yang. Yes, Frank Yang may be in Hanoi right now. I literally screamed out loud the moment I saw his girlfriend Instagram post with the location:”Hà Nội”.

I’m not even sure if he is in Hà Nội or not. But if he does, I want to meet him so bad. I started watching his video since 2013 or 2012. He stroke me as an abstract, disruptive yet absolutely interesting to watch. Slowly he became a big inspiration to me for his outlandish and unapologetically way of being. A being, not a concept or a label like 99% of the population. An actual being scrapping the bottom and the tip top of existence.

Frank, if you are in Hà Nội. Let’s meet up. I want to thank you personally for all the mental gains from the inspiration and also would love to discuss farther topics.