Thoughts on Braveheart (1995) and Apocalypto (2006)

This is so so good for me to just write a little piece of thoughts on Facebook. I want to lure people into seeing it so I didn’t write as long as I should. But since this is my own private realm, I reckon it is the more suitable place to flush out all of my thoughts and feelings.

  1. Braveheart. This film left me with the feeling of empowerment. William Wallace lived his live with a clear purpose: to be free. That’s his whole philosophy of living. Everyman dies, but not everyman trully lives. And this statement resonates with me so much. To trully live means to live in freedom, to fight for your peace, to follow your heart, till death.
  2. Apocalypto. This film is so strange, so disruptive and like nothing i have seen before. My brother showed me years ago and I thought this was some B-movies garbage with low budgets. Well little did i know, that low budgets flared is one of the factors that make this movie so great. Unlike most Hollywood big shots, Apocalypto has zero white characters, the whole casts are mostly unknown actors at that time. The film is dubbed in Mayan dialect to increase authenticity. What a boss move from Gibson! Apocalypto tells a story of the downfall of Mayan empire from a new and fresh perspective.