Diary no.2 (121916) 12h30 – 12h45

Like i said earlier, building an airpot is what i’m all about now, which means I’m giving my full attention to balance out my life: eating healthy, getting in shape. Basically I’m getting back to the most basic.


I have been alive for almost 18 years now. That’s almost 2 decades of mood swings, procasination, fluctuating academic perfomance. I blame it on myself for not having the right habits, personal rituals. I don’t want to rely on the variables anymore, it’s too luxurious now.

I want to be fixed, focus and on point for most of the time.

How am I doing it?

The most basic you could have ever thought of: I’m training myself to brush my teeth twice a day. I have kept my promise with Nhung for more than 2 weeks, which makes me immensely proud of myself. I’m brushing my teeth properly!

Next. Gym. I’m training myself 3 times a week now. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Have got to be in shape for the mind to be sharp.

And about the sleep thing. It’s almost 1 AM, obviously I’m not doing my job.

Bye bye. I will brush my teeth and sleep now.