How To Win At Life?

An important lesson from Gary Vaynerchuck:


The best (or worst) thing about Truth is that it’s so bluntly simple. We are so used to being spoon-fed with glorious success stories of larger-than-life figures with their tips and tricks that we has become ignorant of the simple truth.

Remember that famous folk tale about Turtle and Rabbit. Yeah, that’s what Gary is saying. Be mentally resilient the Turtle.

To put it simply, macro patience is to understand that life is a marathon. Most of us still have way too much time left on the table. And time is the most precious resource a person can ever have.

Everything of great value takes time to build, to craft, to horn into existence. That can be your relationship with your family, your spouse, your friends. That can be that lifestyle you desire: one step at a time, you move to that goal.

I have a math teacher, a brilliant guy. He’s a true disciple of this rule. It took him 21 years to achieve his goal: to have a home in the “future central of Hanoi”, as he calls it. He’s 41, which means for the second half of his life, he has been doing consistent work, years of pain and adversities through battles and hindrances. But he believed in the process, and he has made it.

I haven’t live 21 years on this Earth yet. And you probably haven’t either, so why is the need to rush so great?

So many people want that instant gratification: lose weight in 5 days, become jacked as Hugh Jackman in 3 months, skyrocket their academic performance through 3 hours of studying. We want that Key To Success, the ultimate Tip for studying without having to actually study.

Patience is the most important word in English vocabulary.

But on the flip side: MICRO SPEED. There’s a very chance that you are not born with a deficiency like Turtle though. Most of us are Rabbit. We are gifted in our own unique ways with a specific set of interests that eventually form our talents, passions.

Unlike the Rabbit, we shouldn’t take those gifts for granted and dwell on our luck. So many people I have witnessed lose their talents because they don’t have to work hard in the beginning. They become sloppy, messy students with a big ego. Sadly, one of the “them” is still me.

I wish somebody said straight to my face earlier in life that:

“You have to practice your skills, set plans for today, tomorrow, tomorowrow. You have to take calculated risks, open your comfort zones, live life frequently on the edge to enjoy the beautiful scenery of facing the cliff.”

If you can manage to discipline the Rabbit inside you, you have won.


Daily Journal #2. 13h15. 17 04 2017.



  1. Summer.wander · April 17, 2017

    You should read ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ from Stephen Covey !!

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    • beingcaokhanh · April 17, 2017

      Hmm… Thanks for your recommendation. I have checked it out briefly b4. Will go in-depth with it again.

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