A Day Well-ish Spent

There’s often the saying: A day well spent will bring a sleep well needed. Or something like that.

Today was a good day.

I woke up early and hit the gym. I did my Math Paper in the afternoon and did it again at night. To my history of procrastination, that’s some feat!

But there’re still room to improve. I’m getting nervous about my upcoming Graduation Exam, it’s the ultimate threshold of every Vietnamese students. I have dreamt of that day 10, 11 years ago. And now it’s right around the corner.

2 more months to be exact. There’s much to be done, so prioritizing is crucial.

I must face my weaknesses heads-on: Mathematics.

Oh I fucking hate you Maths. But it’s okay, you are here to stay so I gonna crush you. Math is number one on the list.

Then Health. I’m back at the gym and it feels great. I do it everyday except the weekends. Gotta get that Brad Pitt physique.

And this, my Journal. Still I need time to deload and get myself together. I will continue to record my journey.

DAILY JOURNAL #5 23h24ph. 20 04 2017