I think we are living in a world where passion is considered the ultimate answer to life.

If you are passionate, you’ll have bullet-proof motivation to pound life days in and days out. If you are passionate, you’ll always know what to do and a basically conquer every negative emotions with ease.

You feel incredibly driven towards something. And that sensation will lift your spirit up from those miserably dull and boring days to a life filled with fulfillment and a sense of purpose. You will love the journey, all sunshine and butterflies.

If you are passionate, you win.

You basically turn into Superman if you have passion.



(I like Superman by the way)


The thing is: If something seems to go to be true, it is actually too good to be true.

I consider this as an over-romanticized view of life. We all know that life is hard as hell, with all the ups and downs, the uncontrollable circumstances and the endless adversities that come in your way.

No matter how talented or how lucky you are, you will bump into those dark moments. It is bound to happen. That’s the yin to your yang. Life will challenge us and push we out of our comfort zones.

And that fiery sensation we call passion will dim out in those days. We won’t want to continue, we won’t want to expose ourselves to pain. Since our entire motivation depends on our passion, you will surely give up.

What would you do if your passion runs dry?


batmanOn the occasion that we are using Superman as the image of passion, I can’t think of a more fitting superhero to represent discipline than the Dark Knight himself.

There’s a mind-boggling lack of commitment and discipline in our lives. We have long lost the appreciation for the dull, boring and repetitive work and traded them for some shiny, quick gratification.

Like Batman, we must embrace the pain and stay committed. Even if we get our ass kicked, our body bruised, we keep on our stoic mindset.

Passion starts the process. Discipline gets shit done.

Passion and Discipline together makes the perfect combo. If we manage to nurture both, a beast we will become.

Daily Journal #8. 23h30ph. 23 04 17