On Happiness – 10th day of journaling

Dalai Lama walked into a pizza restaurant. The waiter greeted him:

-Hello Sir. What may we serve you with? We have sausage, beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, or veggie special…?

After thinking for awhile, Dalai Lama said:

-Can you make me one with everything?

Funny joke. I really like that joke.

Today is my 10th day of daily journaling. I feel a sense of accomplishment. Objectively, it’s not much. Just jotting down a couple of words everyday for over a week.

But I’m still proud. I have never been much of a consistent type, the one who can stay committed to his craft and push through the boredom or go against the lacking of motivation.

I give up very easily. So it’s the tenth day, and I’m still going strong. Cheers to that!

And I feel like I’m also mapping out my inner tangled mind by voicing through these posts. I stay more grounded, think more clearly and feel much more at ease. I’m not overthinking much, not worrying too much; even though this might be the most stressful moment of my life.

I stay present. And think that’s what happiness is all about: to stay present, no matter what. True happiness is what I’m seeking, not a fleeting spikes of instant gratification like a good sex, a good movie, a good meal… Although I’m incredibly grateful for all those things, but they are still the external part of my experience, if it comes, it will go.

I have me and only me: this body and this mind. And even these two vessels can fade out one day. I age, I will lose my strength and agility in my body. My mind may become slow and dull. So can’t count on them for happiness either.

It must come from within, from the space at which thoughts arise from: which is nothing. If I can become happy with nothingness, I will be happy with anything. No matter how bad, or how good it is. To stay present no matter what.

That’s my ambition, and I have a long way to go.

A little bit of rambling today. Cheers!

Daily Journal #10. 23h16 25 03 17