The Fountain (2006) | A FILM ABOUT DEATH

Once again, a film recommended to me by my girl.

Unlike Closer, this film hooked me from start to finish. Every moment adds up beautifully to a grand, epic climax. I couldn’t help dropping my jaw, awing at the marvelous cinematography, the lingering score and the absurd yet intriguing plot.

This is clearly an ambitious film and perhaps the only way to convey its message is through its unique way of story-telling. It aims to tap into life, creation, death and ultimate love, how can one even expect this grandeur of a film to be your normal Netflix-chill watching?

In case you might have watched it but haven’t quite comprehended the story-line, this is my take:


Tommy Creo, a brilliant brain surgeon is facing with the ill joke of fate: his wife, Izzi has a developing tumour in her brain. His undying love for Izzi led to an important breakthrough in medicine. Yet, once again, like an ill joke of fate, his wife passed away right before he had a chance to save her.


Izzi took inspiration from her husband, wrote a book about a courageous, faithful conquistador that went on a quest to find the Tree of Life. The title of the book was The Fountain, as capturing the ultimate objective of her hero: an unswayed determination to find the fountain of youth, which would earn him his place beside his queen forever. But (I think) intentially left the last chapter for her husband to finish up.

After Izzi had passed away, Tommy still latched on his intention of bringing her back to life. The desire was so intense that it manifested into the “weirdest” parts of the film: a floating tree inside a magnetic force field that drifts through the galaxy reaching Xibalba. My interpretation, this is a close representation to the inner, chaotic world of Tommy. We see the tree from the Fountain story, we see Xibalba as Izzi had mentioned before. All of this was an on-going quest to fight death, to find immortality.

The story revolves around Tommy’s unwilling to let accept his fate. He could not bear to let Izzi go. Afraid of the unknown, of death, of seperation, and this all comes from an egotistical view point that we are nothing more than flesh and thoughts, emotion.


The moment Tommy realized that he would die, and that’s the only way he find happiness along side Izzi is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. He knew true happiness. He knew that we are all one of the uniting spirit, love,… not some seperated beings whose only existence was to await death.

It’s the toughest pill to swallow. He had to accept his wife death, his own death and gave up the remaning bits of his ego. Something that the conquistador never really gets despite his courage.

Death is the road to awe.

Daily Journal #9 12h31 25 04 17