Morning Dew

Do you know that the most successful writers usually work in the early morning?

Seems like early birds get the worms, and also the Pulitzer.



Bokeh Photography by Najwa


I’m trying to wake up earlier, 5.30 am to be exact. Waking up early can be a huge advantage in boosting your productivity. When others normally awaken, you will already have added on 1 to 2 to 3 hours of working ahead of them. If you wake up an hour earlier everyday, you will have an extra 365 days in a year, that’s 2 weeks! It’s insane how time-saving it can get.

“But I Don’t Have Enough Time”

That’s is one of the biggest excuse people make when being unable to acquire a new habits or trying out new stuff. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me! You always can make time instead of waiting for the right moment. If you cut down just a little bit on sleep and devote those hours to realizing your goals, it will probably be a good investment.

Also waking up early is the straightest path to discipline and commitment. No matter how fucked up your last night is, you have to wake up at a certain hour. In a world of chaos and disorder, you will have a grounded center that can always be rely on.

So wake up earlier my friend and have a great day.

Daily Journal #11.

6h19 26 04 17.

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