Slacking Off

Once in a while, everyone will fall off their wagon and live a terribly unproductive day.

That’s my day today.

Clocking is ticking, University Exam is coming inch by inch, much faster than I expected. There are still so much to prepare for, lessons to learn, tests to do, formulas to memorize…

Knowing all of this, yet I can’t put my feet down the pedal and hustle. I still haven’t put in the hours. I still haven’t been doing what I should be doing. Instead I procrastinated, played around with Facebook, Youtube, Videogames,… It’s absurd how illogical our pattern of decision-making can be.

I’m beating myself over it while simultaneously lacking the will to start action.

Everything falls apart so easily. I should not beat myself over it, it doesn’t bring any value so why would I harm my mental health. I should be more radical and logical: doing according to the big plan.

I have come to realize that I’m not very good to sticking with long-term plans either. So I will break the goals down to small chunk of bites for daily action. I will keep myself pre-occupied with those tasks instead of constantly doubting the long-term plans.

I should re-prioritize my entire day. I will plan out the die ahead the night before. I will do 15 minutes of studying the first thing in the morning to kick-start my day. I will focus solely on a particular subject on each day. Everything else is secondary.

I still have 6 hours left before the day ends, let’s make this count. I will go to class for 3 hours and come back home at 21h40. Then straight to studying until 23h40. Today is Maths. I will finish the paper on Function. Then I will tiredly report my doing to Nhung, my girlfriend and plan for tomorrow.

Daily Journal #12. 17h31. Tiny Flat. 27 04 17