MOMENTUM – Push, Push, Push!

I feel like my ball finally started rolling. My mental, academical ball, of course.

I have actually spent a few hours doing what I should be doing. Odd things happened though, I feel like something was still missing. I thought I was supposed to feel fulfilled and at ease with my work.

But something deep within me was pushing me to go further, to do more. Something was trying to convince me that I should test my capabilities and endurance: Don’t stop at the first sign of fatigue K, you can do more!

I didn’t listen to it. Hence, there’s remaining a sense of guilt. I feel like I have betrayed myself and took the easy road.

I would go harder tomorrow.


Good things that I did today: I did my Maths for at least 3 hours. I took a nap when I needed. I eat delicious and semi-healthy food (a bit oily).

Things I could improve today: I can wake up earlier. I can hit the gym. I can drink more water. I can be more energetic around my girlfriend.

Things I’m grateful for: I have got a caring mother that calls me every morning. I have got a lovely, beautiful and talented girlfriend that always pushes my to better myself. I have got real, inspiring friends that always have my back.

Nhung’s place. Daily Journal #13. 28 04 17.