Double or Nothing

I’m 53 days away from University Exam. If you are a student in Vietnam, that’s a big deal. If you are in a country, where to get into a college, you just have to fill in a couple of papers, you have saved yourself from a lot of stress. Lucky you.

I have been waiting for this moment for 12 years. And it’s getting more real by each day. Honestly, I’m quite nervous. I don’t know what will happen. I don’t know the person I will be the next month.

But I do know this. Today is the start of my 4-day mini-vacation. And what I do for the next 3 days will shape my future. It’s that important. Because I could gain an advantage by putting in the work and furthur build my momentum. Or I will lose it all and waste a week.

Time is very, very important now.

I can’t afford a week. I must not dabble around and hang out with my friends for the next 3 days.

I must prioritize and put my studying first. So for that reason, I will devote my time from dawn til later afternoon to study Mathmatics and Literature.

Evening is time for optional studying or recreational time.

Chop chop.

GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO DAY: Delicious cake ( I love chocolate-dipped). Fun in the workplace. Went home.

GOOD THINGS THAT I DID: Finished my essay as I have planned. Help my girlfriend with her work. Voice myself in Maths class.

THINGS I CAN IMPROVE: Wake up earlier. Do more literature tests. Be more caring for my parents.

THINGS I’M GRATEFUL FOR: a wonderful girlfriend. Very sexy-looking girls in my class. A loving parents. My dope shirt. My dope Converse. My health.


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