The Grind Has Begun

My first day of vacation has come to an end. Although I have a really good morning, things didn’t go as smoothly as I have planned.

I realize I constantly have to will myself through frustration. The task I set for myself was much harder to accomplish. It’s absolutely possible to do them, theoratically speaking. But when you actually take action, there seems to be a hidden force that keep pulling you back. I feel like there’s a huge part in me which is so afraid of the pain ahead that it uses everything in its power to manipulate me to go sideways, to go back, to give up.

And that resistance seems like to put a toll on my productivity. I spent time but nothing much has been done.

Or may be I’m just being a little bitch who can’t stay focus and committed.

I don’t know. I didn’t do my best. I wasn’t focus enough. There’s still room for improvement. I have got a long road ahead.

This exam may be a blessing in disguise for me. For once, I have actually set out a proper plan and execute it daily. It surely tests my endurance.

GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPENED TODAY: Seeing my mom laughing at the simplest joke. Spending time with friends. Wear a my dad’s shoes (it’s really comfortable)

THINGS I DID WELL TODAY: Wake up early. Actually spend time doing my job. Be Fun.

THINGS I CAN IMPROVE: Track my productivity. Hit the gym. Do more.

THINGS I’M GRATEFUL FOR: my mom’s laughing. My hometown quiet yet peaceful vibe.


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