The grind has halted. I admit that I did not try to cram as much work as I could have done today. My momentum has been affected by this and I will need to do extra work to get back to my pace. I have to be honest with myself about all of this. Today is an off day.

I enjoyed myself.

But I also spent some quality time with friends and relatives, actual quality time.

Last night I hung out with my group of friends. We have been close for more than 4 years and I have been immensely proud to have these precious connection with those guys. But lately it seems I couldn’t reasonate well with them. The difference between lifestyles have made me question about our relationships, wether I have “outgrown” them or not. 

And it’s the same with my cousins. For a few years, I feel like I have “outgrown” them all. May be I could even argue that it’s true. That I have better developed my taste, my skills and my mentality.

I am different.

Now, I realized that I didn’t know how to handle my differences. I had been too proud of that differences. I acted like I was too cool for them. I acted like their taste is too inferior and they should be turning into my taste instead. That was the ego of mine that triggered those behaviors. It killed off my playfulness, my ability to join in conversations and discuss, debate.

If I truly think it’s best for them to convert into my way, is it really smart to openly disgust their ways? I don’t think so. I should be considerate and caring, not alienating and shaming them for having an opinion.

So, after the realization, I shared a little bit of my world to them, to my friends and my cousins. And they liked it! We got along really well and I felt great. I didn’t have to be someone else, they could be themselves too!

Just a little bit of compromising the ego and we could change the entire world!

GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPENED: 2 wonderful meals. My cousins and I played Werewolf together. I spent a night pillow talking with my guys.

GOODS THINGS I DID: Be fun with my cousins and my friends. Brush my teeth twice. Write this post.

THINGS I CAN IMPROVE: Wake up earlier. Hit the gym. Sleep less.

THINGS I’M GRATEFUL FOR: my family getting together. My friends’ high opinion of me. 


HOME. 01 05 2017