Based on that title, i don’t really have an interesting topic ready on my mind right now. And I have decided to get in bed earlier than usual tonight.

But I still have to commit to writing these daily blog so here we are.

I definitely can go much, much harder at studying. But I realized that my plan of studying is lacking in efficiecy and precision. By not having a deadline and list of specific task, I have already set myself up for failure.

So I need to be much more specific in details and time frain.

Tomorrow I will study Maths, but only in Analytic Geometry. I will learn all the essential formulars and nature of this branch. Only that.

GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPENED TODAY: have a delicious banh my. Played truant without getting any consequences. Watched a wonderful film ( Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2)

GOOD THINGS THAT I DID: Study Maths for 2 hours. Drink the Tim Ferris’s cocktail for sleep. Go to bed early. Meditate for 10 minutes.

THINGS I CAN DO BETTER: List down things that I’m not really sure in Maths. Wake up earlier in the morning. 

THINGS I’M GRATEFUL FOR TODAY: My beautiful girlfriend and her dorkiness. Hanoi’s street lightning (ride on a new road, Le Van Luong). Being able to watch a fantastic film in the middle of the week at night with my girl.


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