Love and Desire

To make this complex matter really simple, I would like to quote from Matthew Hussey:

Love is like the connection between you and that special person, which makes you want to be with near them, open up to them, share your feelings and thoughts with them.

Desire is like the space between you and that special person. It’s the mysterious haze that is seductive and inviting.

In a sense, Desire creates opportunities for we to see whether Love can grow in the relationship or not. Which also means that we may desire a lot but can only truly fall in love with so little person.

I’m having a hard time with my relationship right now. I’m having feelings that I’m not really proud of: attractions and desires for others. Thus there has bred some sort of built-up suppression inside me, making me tangled in all sort of turbulence. But I will be a bigger man and face those feelings heads-on: be the master of them and not the other way around. I must accept my Desire for others and respond to it appropriately.

I figure that the longer I try to avoid accepting it, the more unhealthy it will become.

GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPENED TODAY: watch a good film (No Country for old man). Eat delicious pizza. Drink Orange Juice that my mom made. watched half of a good film with my mom (Pursuit of Happyness)

THINGS I DID WELL TODAY: had good sex. eat more than usual. Did some of my homework.

THINGS I CAN DO BETTER TODAY: wake up earlier. go to bed earlier. hit the gym. do more homework.

THINSG I’M GRATEFUL FOR TODAY: being able to spend quality time with my mom. spend a night with my girlfriend. that Pepperoni pizza.


NHUNG’s Place. 05 03 2017