My Highschool Souvenir

This is it. The end of high school is right here. 12 years of white shirts, blue jeans, backpacks and homework.

All of this has come to an end. I, like most people, would like to cement this moment by chanting a special object: my notebook.

I was hesitant about this idea at first. Unlike most people, I’m not really wary of this ending. High school is not that big of a deal to me. In fact, I have been dying for it to finish. I was not the biggest fan of pointless trivia and unusable data that we were spoon-fed the last 12 years.

But I would miss it, more or less. I will miss the days of laughter, the raising hit of an early summer, the harsh winter with its cold, biting winds. I will miss my classmates, my deskmate, my teachers and the schools.

I can still miss them if I want to, of course. But nothing will never quite compare to this sonder feeling.

So. I want something concrete to look at and remember. I want the memories to be solid, to be carved into existence. And the next few days, I will have it.

My highschool souvenir.



06 05 17