Daily Pratice of Being Creative

It used to be a fact that it took 21 days to form a new habit. But a recent study had come up with a new answer: 66 days.

I have been pumping out these blog post for 21 days straight now. And that is somewhat a feat for an all-over-the-place, zero-discipline highschooler who is neck deep in homework. That’s one third of that journey. But until it becomes a second nature to me to write this daily, there will still be much struggle and resistance to overcome.

People do not fully grasp the immensely profound impact that habits have on one’s life.

What I do become what I am. As simple as that sound, it’s actually quite terrifying. That means if I continue to wash away my time with dull, pointless tasks, I will end up living half a life. Or if I continue to poison my body with unhealthy food, my soul with negative thinking,… yeah, you get the point. I would be fucked.

But even if I get that intellectually, I seem to be unable to break a bad habit or form a new positive one. For years, I have been looking for tips and tricks to fix this.

Now I have found it, and it’s so utterly simple that it seems deceitful: just do!

All we have to do to form a habit is actually to do that fucking habit! It’s so obvious so no one will accept that it’s the truth! Don’t get caught up in the fancy tips and tricks. Don’t beat yourself up because you didn’t write a masterpiece this evening. All I have to do is put my thoughts into words and share it with the world!

If you make it so difficult for yourself to start, how do you expect to manage when things get rough? In the beginning, just baby step your way through the ups and downs and let the momentum carry you forward. Eventually, you can’t wait to sit down and fill the pages with your inspiration. You will write days and nights relentlessly with a beaming smile. That’s where you can get your masterpieces. I’m writing this with faith, not experience.

But I believe that I am stepping in the right direction!


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