Everybody Needs a Destination

Standing on the 6th floor of my gym, looking out to the highway stretching all the way of my horizontal view, I saw many people hurriedly driving.

I like this vantage point view: it gives me an opportunity to observe people carefully without interrupting or interferring with their natural behaviour. May be it sounds a bit creepy.

From there I can see joy, sadness, peacefulness or a hush from the way they ride their bikes.

A foreign girl writes with eager. Everything here is still new and exciting to her, she has not grown tired of it yet. Nothing is taken for granted. Everywhere she goes now, it is seeped with an advertous scent.

An old woman rode steady and slowly, carrying on her a bag of grocery. She must have just returned from a supermarket nearby. It will be dinner time soon, she’ll come home and cook. I guess she has a family to tend to. She looks happy, not exceptionally happy or bursting with joy, but like a subtle, satisfied kind of happiness.
Daily Journal no.23 

17h00. 09 05 17

Tiny flat.