Still Got It!

It’s 1:05 AM. Pouring rain outside. Summer is coming with the stress of the upcoming exams and the overall gloomy feeling of ending highschool.

I amost forgot to write today. I had even put myself into sleep for 10 minutes before getting up to write this.

A man have to keep his word. I’m not a man yet but I want to be. So this is me, tired, sleepy but keeping my word.

I have been unfocused for the last couple of days. Not doing what I should do, underperform in general.

But I hit the gym for 3 consecutive days and things are looking up. May be the willpower that I developed by keeping this blog posts daily have crossed over into my work-outs.

Tomorrow is a new day, filled with opportunities awaiting for me. I will crush my workout. Eat more than I have ever eaten. And do my Maths. Gotta do that Maths.

See you soon, tomorrow.


1:10 AM  11 05 17

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