A Tip To Do More

I have come to realize that the ability to do more is directly proportional to how good your daily habits are. If you have productive, healthy habits, things will be done with so much less effort.

So, needless to say, the ability to form a good habit is essential if you want to do more. Like many others, I struggle with this for many years, and I still do, to be clear.

But I have listened and followed an advice and things are looking a lot brighter:


We all are guilty of setting unrealistic goals for ourselves and naively thinking everything will go smooth as a Smooth Criminal ( annie arr u okay?).

But the truth is, if you set your goals high when you don’t have a basic foundation of discipline and proper habit, your determination will soon fall apart. May be you can do it for a week or two, but soon it will be too difficult. Then you won’t do it, then you will feel ashamed of yourself and then you won’t even want to face it. And by then you have once again failed to form a new habit.

The most secure way to do that is to lower your expectation. Start with less than your capability. You will do it with ease. And you will soon get comfortable about accomplishing your goals. Then you move the bar higher, and higher, and higher, with the help of momentum, you will be crushing!

So start small, but be steady.


About my day.

I did what I needed to do today: everything on the checklist. It was just two tasks, quite simple. And tomorrow I will do a little bit more.

I will do 3 pompado sessions of Maths. And then learn one poem. Hit the gym. And that’s it.

It feels really good to be productive. I get looser, things are funnier and life is better than ever.

Daily Journal #29

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