Automatize your Life

That’s right there is a good strategy if you want to be enjoy your life while simultanously stay productive and bring results.

You have to build a firm structure for results to be made. And for that, discipline and the ability to stay resilient is crucial.

I’m been listening to this advice and trying to form a new habit over the last month. This will be my 31st day of daily journalling and it’s starting to feel effortless.

May be the automation is slowly kicking in.


So I did all what I intended to do. But there are still a lot of tweaks I need to make in the following day.

The first thing would be that I should hit the gym earlier. And eat more, obviously.

Also, I need to work a hell of a lot harder. I will do a Math test tomorrow with full Beast Mode in the morning. And I will also finish whatever homework I take in in the early afternoon. Also I would learn by heart 2 poems in the late afternoon.

Tomorrow night I would read some books.

Daily Journal #31

1h11 AM

Tiny Flat