I need to stop bullshitting myself

I keep telling myself that I will take a small rest, then i will restore my energy and hit life hard. Be more productive, be more aggressive.

I lied to myself. I procrastinated. I believed in the fantasy. I did not trust that little voice inside me telling me to work.

That what happened today. I did not do what I was supposed to do. I slept, I wasted time.

I can’t really say that tomorrow this won’t happen again because that may also be a lie that I say to myself, setting myself up to lose. The best I can do now is be completely honest about my day today.

I sucked at that. But I did write a good piece on Facebook, I did eat properly. I did hit the gym.

It’s just that they are not my top priority.

Daily journal #31

00h41 20 05 17

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