Taking An Honest Look At Myself

I’m full of shit.

I talk big, dream big but act like I’m entitled to those flashy alternative realities.

The truth is my talk is not backed by my action.

I don’t like what I’m doing right now so I have convinced myself that it is not likely that I will have the willpower to endure it.

“You can only do what you love right?” That’s what I have been telling myself. But to be honest, I don’t believe I’m doing the right thing. I think I’m scared to put in the actual work. I think I don’t want to face this harsh truth.

I don’t even want to zoom out and make this a philosophical view point on life.

This is just a fact: My action does not back up my talk.

So either I have to shut up and adjust my statements or I have to get my shit together.

Daily Journal #33

23h20 21 05 2017