Tomorrow is a lovely day.

So today turnt out to be actually quite productive. I sat down for an hour for Math. Hit the class. Read some book. Exercised.

Tomorrow is a lovely day to. It’s cool, the weather is still figuring out if it wants to skip summer and jump straight to fall or not. My bike’s hind tire needs pumping. I ride to school without an earphone, but it’s okay, the streets are much lighter when summer is approaching. The lazies stay indoor.

I have my Literature test with me. I do the first Half of the test in exactly 30 minutes. I’m getting fluent with this. Oh, and I drink my protein shake before leaving the house too. No rush.

I spend my noon with the Sealnet friends, it’s nice to get together once more. They are still figuring things out. I like being around Uyên also.

The afternoon is where I learn not to repeat my mistake. I call Nhung and ask her to wake me up. I sleep for 30 minutes. Dizzy as fuck at first, drink 2 cups of water then hit the gym. It’s about 4h20.

I take a shower again. Then go all out in Math until Nhung picks me up and we have dinner together. She cooks for me. I’m adjusting to her taste. The night is dedicated to my new friend, mr Blue Math Notebook. I spend 3 hours with him.

Then I write. And I hug Nhung and we cuddle into sleep.

Daily Journal #37

00h23 25 05 17

Tiny flat.