Action Speak Louder than Words

Ironically, those are the words to live by.

It seems that common sense is not so common in these days. Everyone has heard of this saying but few has actually listened.

I’m no exception. My mouth is way ahead of my actions. And it’s only now that I have somewhat come to the conclusion of how delusional most people are about their “vision”.

Everyone has goals, believes, dreams to fulfill but few have the courage, the resilience to follow through with it. Take New Year Resolution for example, people always overexaggerate what they can do for a week but underestimate what they can do in a year.

I always think I can be that, be this. I can amount to great things and achieve wonders. But those were just words as drifty as sand castles on a raging beach.

I have to take that sandy mouth of mine and turn into hard iron, action.

This daily journal is a transformation for me. This is the 43th day. This also is my 6th day of mediation. This is also the third week I’m back at the gym. All of my action has just started their baby steps. If I can keep my words, my self-esteem will quadruple.

Also, this can also be a good way to filter out people. Next time if I were to be judging anther person, I would just look at his action. His words don’t mean shit.