19 days left

It’s 23h00, the sixth of June. Summer has arrived, bringing the wrath of the Sun. It’s boiling hot here in Hanoi. I feel like my head would get fried if I expose myself past 1 hour on the street.

I have 19 days left before the University Entrance.

How can I maximize the time that I have left? How can I make progress by leap and bound in the upcoming days?

I really have to more specific than that.

Right now, my Math is at about 7 out of 10, my Literature is at about 7,5 out of 10 and my English is at about 9 out of 10. Put together, I am at 23,5 out of 30, which is not enough for me to get into what I want.

I need to hit that 25/30 mark.

I need to improve my grades by 1,5.

So the best way to do it is by raising each subject by 0,5.

With English, I have to do more test.

With Literature, I have to memorize all the poems, all the general frames, all of the basic, fundamental knowledge.

With Math, I have to speed up. I have to fill in the missing fundamental knowledge. Also I need to practice much more to fasten my reflexes.

The best way I can think of to do all of these above is by putting on much much more work. I need to study for at least 6 hours a day.

Here’s the plan for the upcoming 4 days:

Morning: 3 hours of Math. A mock test for 1 hour. 2 hours to revise and correct it.

Afternoon: 2 hours of Literature. Do a mock Test.

Night: 1 mock English mock test for 45 minutes. 15 minutes to revise and correct it.


Today I have put in about 2 hours of Maths. That’s clearly not enough.

I will put in 30 minutes more before I go to bed.

11h18 PM

02 06 2017