I almost forgot to write this today. Phew.

I did everything that I planned to do today. I did a mock Math test, an English mock test and spend time learning 2 literature text.

The Math is doing well, I continue to find out where my missing holes are. Definitely need to fill in.

The English is pretty solid. One hour a day is perfectly adequate.

But I can go much harder at Literature. I will spend 3 hours tomorrow to learn 2 more texts. Dive deeeeep.

I also got a side hustle going on, tomorrow I have to make 3 phone calls to figure out how to throw an American-Themed Party in Hanoi.

As of now, I like where I am. I have a wonderful girl, a decent family, a kickass squad and great health.

Daily Journal #49

00h44 A.M 06 06 2017

Ba Ngoai’s home.