I’m sick

Nose is running. Body heat is raising. Productivity level is drastically dropping.

I have been been under the weather for about 2 days. It’s exactly 2 weeks away from the exam. Time is precious.

I have to battle this illness. The battle is making me sleepy, so I need to study right after I wake up tomorrow. No more English. It’s not that essential. The closer the exam gets, the sloppier and the less determined people seem to be. May be they are burnt out, exhausted. May be the work-hard-before-the-test mindset is just a grand delusion that most people tell themselves all the three years to sleep bettet at night. They haven’t developed a routine to support their goal, so it never actually happens. It’s funny to think about it.

I am in the “them” too. I, too, thought I would be studying much harder than this. But I don’t feel the urge to do so. That’s what bad about studying basing on your mood: too unpredictable. It’s too unstable to produce tangible results.

Literature is the number 1st priority. 

Math is second.

Tomorrow I will finish the Math Paper. I study it in the morning and the early afternoon.

The evening is spent on Literature.

Daily Journal #51

00h51 09 06 2017

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