Good morning everybody. Yes, I have managed to get up before noon. What an amazing feat of accomplishment! Last night was hard to sleep, perhaps I shouldn’t have drunken that tea when I had dinner; it kept me up until 2. On the other hand, thinking about the plans I have in store for the future also got me excited and wide awake. I have decided to make more movies. So at around 2 A.M last night, I got up and went to the bathroom to document myself about the University Exam. I realize how awesome it would be to have concrete data about one of the most memorable time of my life. Imagine 30 years from now, and I can see the beginning of the journey, the young and naive self of mine, unknowingly talking about the future.

And everyone should do this. We know live in a place and time where technology has brought along the future. Just with a simple 0,3 kilogram device that you can hold in your pocket, you have an entire camera crew with you: from visual to audio to storage. We can film everywhere at anytime. We can document our life! So you don’t have to be fancy about your equipment, just pick up a phone and start recording your current state of mind.

The best thing about documenting your life is that it can keep track of your transformation. Let’s say you were 4 when you started documenting. And let’s say now you are 18, like me. That would have been 14 years worth of data. You can see yourself the puberty comes, the innocence and purity of the young minds. The growth captured in films would be astonishing! And we are just 18, imagine how crazy it will be to be looking back from 80. We can have an archive of our entire life right in front of our eyes. And through that documentation, endless stories, memories will be preserved and intact. The day that you met the girl you like, the day that you proposed to her, the day you had the first son… All will be captured in front of your hands.

That’s pretty powerful to actually possess such an ability.


Today is the last day before the test. How fast time has flown by. I remember just like yesterday when there was still 50 days apart. But that’s how life works, isn’t it? It just keep rolling and rolling down the hill whether you like it or not. And look what we have rolled into, the grand and notorious university entrance exam of the Great Vietnam. To be honest, I’m not worried yet. I’m not worried about the actual test, but I might be a little a bit unease about some dumb shit that may happen. May be I will wake up too late, may be I will have a stomachache…

Relax Khanh. Take a deep breath and meditate. You got this. Don’t get caught up in the stress or it will slow you down. Acknowledge it, be aware of it, but don’t give in to it.

I need a proper rest today. Hit the gym, have good food and sleep early. I will look into everything one more time, just to revise the poems. I will need all of my strength for tomorrow. I won’t be writing in tomorrow time probably, as the test takes place quite early in the morning. So I will be updating as soon as possible, may be at around 4 o’clock in the evening.

Not gonna lie, my hands and arms are a little bit trembling, shaking with anxiety. May be the stress has come, may be it’s time I got worried. But it’s okay, I’m allowed to be worried. It’s a big big test in world where tests still have a major influence over how you are perceived in the public eyes. I tell myself I’m not unhinged by the public. I am what I am and that’s all I will be. Remember that Khanh. You will love yourself no matter what. You will treat yourself like it’s your son, your father, your everything. And one test at the beginning of life can not test your love for yourself. Be stronger than that.

It’s a quarter past ten, I will need to hit the gym soon. My chest has seen a little bit of progress. Muscles have been formed in my upper chest, I can feel it contract more now when I do incline and bench press. The cable squeeze is still a bit problematic, I don’t know if I have the correct form or not. It’s time for the gym now!

Daily Journal #60


21 06 2017

Tiny Flat